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GTK+ is a multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces. The GNOME developer documentation explains the relationship between GTK+ and ATK as follows: GAIL (GNOME Accessibility Implementation Library) is an implementation of the accessibility interfaces defined by ATK. GTK is a toolkit which is already mapped to ATK by the GAIL module. Note that this applies only to GNOME. According to this message to the GTK-devel mailing list (April 2012) and GNOME bug 303304, GTK+ does not support MSAA or any other accessibility API that works on Windows (IAccessible2, Windows UI Automation).


Smart, Julian: "Accessibility in wxWidgets" (February 2003; last accessed on 16.05.2022).

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Lazarus Component Library (LCL)

LCL Accessibility in the Free Pascal Wiki contains basic information on the accessibility of standard controls and on making custom controls accessible. (Accessed on 19.08.2022.)

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