Web Application Accessibility Resources

Devs don't get mad because you're asking them to make things accessible.

They get mad because you're asking them to do work over again.

They get mad because you could have asked earlier.

They get mad because you contradict yourself later on and recommend something different.

Derek Featherstone on Twitter, 09.03.2021

Introductory Articles

Standards and References

Single-Page Applications

Accessible User Interface Components or Widgets

Specific Widgets and WAI-ARIA Techniques


Date and Range Pickers

Modal Dialogs (Including Cookie Consent Modals)

Alert, Error and Status Messages


See also The title Attribute.

Drag and Drop

Other Components

Frameworks and Libraries

CAST Figuration

Web Experience Toolkit (WET)

The Web Experience Toolkit is front-end framework for building websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile friendly and multilingual. The source code is being developed and maintained as part of an open source project led by the Government of Canada. See the project website and the WET source code on GitHub. The toolkit is available under the MIT License. The project has a style guide. The toolkit also has a few variants: a Drupal variant, a Drupal 8 variant, a SharePoint variant, a PHP variant, a .NET variant, a DotNetNuke variant (last updated in February 2015), and a Java and Maven variant (work in progress).

jQuery UI






Components for React

Other UI and Web Component Libraries

HTML5 and ARIA Accessibility Support

Web Components and Shadow DOM


Other Useful Resources

Other Links